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Based on a totally new ground up design, AMS Neve’s new hard disk recorder/playback system, CineFile, utilizes new hardware and software technology to deliver the solid, reliable performance expected in dubbing Theatres. Accurate, fast, flexible and powerful, CineFile delivers cutting edge performance with unsurpassed file exchange support in a compact 4U box.


The powerful hardware of the SCX card means CineFile features uncompromised 96 track repetitive punch in performance 1t 48kHz. In addition the CineFile is also capable of running at 96kHz and 192kHz (24 tracks 24-bit). Built in Gigabit Ethernet, Firewire, USB and Dual-layer DVD writer gives maximum convertibility. Getting data into and out of CineFile is effortless. CineFile can be used as part of the AMS Neve Starnet™ system to form part of a total integrated port production recording, editing and mixing environment. For the most demanding applications CineFile can be supplied with built in dual redundant power supplies and hardware raided audio drives.

Control Surface

The Graphical user interface of the CineFile is simple to use yet flexible. Smooth, accurate waveforms scroll across the screen, meters and transport bars can be controlled by keyboard function keys and editing is quick and intuitive. A special 'quick bar' has been included for easy familiarization in 'dry hire' sessions. CineFile can be controlled effortlessly from the console or by the user defined keyboard shortcuts. Recorders can be given names and track names can be automatically configured for surround stems by using the 'pan macro' facility. You can zoom in/out without interrupting playback and also choose to show particular recorders instantly.

  • Direct Pro Tools compatibility. CineFile can play & record Protools V5.0 sessions natively. This feature works with both MAC and PC Pro Tools files. This gives a seamless workflow with Pro Tools – even across a network.
  • Simultaneous multi-format support. CineFile tracks can be configured as a combination of multiple 'virtual recorders'. For example a single project can contain music stems as a Pro Tools session, Dialogue stems as an OMF file and effects stems as an AAF file. The CineFile can play back all of these files simultaneously during the mix.
  • Native AAF/OMF compatibility. As well as Pro Tools compatibility, CineFile V2 can also record and playback OMF and AAF files without needing to import or export the files.
  • Integrated automation re-conform – integrates with AMS Neve digital consoles for simultaneous automation and audio reconform.
  • Powerful editing features. AMS Neve knows a thing or two about editing! Hence CineFile includes powerful editing features such as cut, copy, paste, slip, fades, slice and insert/remove stock.
  • Can open multiple projects at the same time. CineFile Version 2 software can open multiple projects at the same time and allow instant flip between any of the open projects. Any of the open projects can be edited/played/recorded. It is also possible to cut & paste between the open projects This feature is especially useful when working on the overlap between film reels.
  • Key maps. Common CineFile transport/edit functions can be mapped to keys on a standard PC keyboard. This feature also supports templates such as Pro Tools/Nuendo for fast operator familiarity.
  • Sony 9-Pin control. CineFile operates as a remote 9-pin machine which can be controlled from any synchronizer.
  • Integration. CineFile integrates seamlessly into AMS Neve film and post consoles giving direct 'hands on' control from PEC panels.
  • MADI i/o. Built in MADI i/o means CineFile connects directly to any Madi console without any additional hardware being required.
  • Built in high performance SCSI drives. The CineFile comes complete with 2 high performance removable SCSI320 drives which means you can be up and running with the system 'straight out of the box'.
  • Undo punch-ins. CineFile includes a powerful undo function which allows punch-ins and edit operations to be undone.
Manuals, Brochures, Drivers, Software and Firmware: 
CineFile software
V3.03 build 1137 (01/10/2009)
Email for differences between builds
CineFile software
V3.02 build 903 (16/09/2009)
Email for differences between builds