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8051 Surround Compressor

The Essential Tool for Surround Mixing

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Made by hand, the 8051 is an analogue compressor with six transformer balanced audio paths, complemented by two side chains and a key input. Based on six 2254 compression circuits – using the same feedback topology as our legendary 33609 stereo compressor – the 8051 delivers the famous Neve sound in spades. Flexible side chain routing, trimming and filtering make this a powerful and responsive tool for surround mixing and mastering.


  • Hand-built, hand-wired analogue compressor for Surround mixing
  • Six transformer-balanced audio paths 
  • Ideal surround broadcast or mastering compressor 
  • Side Chain control trims and Side Chain A/B bias control
  • High and low pass filter 
  • Electronically balanced key input and LFE filter inputs 
  • All other inputs transformer-balanced with 3.6kOhms input impedances 
  • All outputs electronically balanced, post output transformers
  • Maximum output: +26dBu into 600 Ohms
  • Control Voltage I/O provided for linking multiple units, or linking to 33609 
  • EIN (20kHz band): <-78dBu
  • THD+N (for 20dBu input @ 1kHz): <0.03% 
  • Maximum Output Level: >26dBu into 600 ohms 
  • Interchannel Crosstalk: <-80dB at 15kHz 
  • Frequency Response ±0.5dB 20Hz to 20kHz 
Technical Specifications
Frequency Response:+/- 0.5dB from 20Hz to 20kHz, measured at 0dBu relative to 1kHz
Distortion (80kHz bandwidth):0.075% maximum (Bypass IN, Compress and Limit OUT, input level at +9dBu, 1kHz)0.2% maximum (Compress IN ratio 6:1, Gain make-up to MAX, Recovery: 800mS, Threshold -18dBu)0.45% maximum (Limit IN, Compress OUT, Recovery 800mS, Input level +22dBu, Threshold -18dBu)
Noise:-75dBu with input terminated in 600 Ohms, Bypass IN, Compress and Limit OFF; -55dBu with compress IN and gain make-up at maximum (22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth)
<h>Limiter section:
Limit Threshold:+4dBu to +15dBu
Limiter Ratio:With input level at 10dBu, then increased to +20dBu, the change in output level should be 0.1dB, +/-0.1dB
Limiter Attack Time:Slow 4mS, +/-1mS, fast 2mS, +/-1mS
Limiter Recovery Time:A1 (auto): 100mS/2seconds, A2 (auto): 50mS/5seconds
<h>Compressor section:
Compressor Ratio:1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 6:1
Compressor Attack Time:3mS
Compressor Recovery Time:100mS, 400mS, 800mS, 1.5S, and Auto 1 (100mS/2 sec) and Auto 2 (50mS/5 sec) settings.
Compressor Gain Make-up:Gain Make-up control provides 0dB to +20dB extra gain in 2dB steps when Compress switched IN.
Requirements:100-250vac (47-63Hz)
Width:482mm (19 inches)
Height:132mm (5.25 inches) (3U)
Depth:500mm (20 inches)
Weight:10.5kg (23lbs)
Manuals, Brochures, Drivers, Software and Firmware: 

Files from the Neve Outboard CD-ROM