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4081 Quad Mic Preamp

Four Classic Mic Preamps, One Powerful Remote-Controlled Unit

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I recorded a flute, violin and voice with it and the quality of sound was incredible. The recordings I was able to achieve had an "immediate" quality to them with an incredible depth of sound - I won't be recording anything without the 4081 as the front end from now on.
- Toby Wood (Recording Engineer)

The 4081 Quad Mic Preamp builds on the incredible success of the 1081 and 1081R modules and provides both powerful control and legendary Neve sound.  Perfect for vocals, ADR and Foley Recording, the 4081's features make it the number one choice for any studio, OB truck or live stage environment.


Every function of the 4081 can be controlled directly from the front panel or by remote control using a Mac or PC with Neve Remote Control software. This provides a simple and elegant solution for users of ProTools, Nuendo, Cubase and similar DAW systems. Multiple 4081 units can be linked together to create up to 64 independent channels of Mic Preamps or Line Level inputs – all controlled from a single computer.

And now with Version 2.00 software, metering information is displayed within the Remote Mic Control window, which is passed back from the 4081 unit(s) to the Remote Mic Control software running on the computer being used for remote control.

“ I'd choose this unit over any other mic pre currently in my rack...... Additional digital I/O card reveals the 4081 as the ultimate audio interface.... I want one."

Russ Hepworth-Sawyer
Pro Sound News Europe


  • Remote Control of legendary Neve microphone preamp design
  • Four genuine 1081 Mic preamp channels in a single 9.5” wide unit
  • Two units can be linked together to provide 8-channels in a 19” unit with optional 19" rack-mount kit
  • Remote control using a Mac or PC with Neve Remote Control software
  • XLR Mic input can be switched between Mic and electronically balanced Line
  • Switchable 48V Phantom power supply
  • Digital I/O Option: Firewire/AES interface with four channels of A/D conversion to either AES or FireWire and 4 channels of D/A conversion. Analogue Insert (pre A/D converter) per channel.
Neve 4081 Quad Mic Pre
Technical Specifications
<h>Performance (per channel):
Input impedance:1.2kOhm @ 1kHz
Gain:+20dB to +70dB in 5dB steps
Distortion:not more than 0.07% for 20dBm output from 50Hz to 10kHz @ 60dB gain
Noise:(22Hz to 22kHz bandwidth) EIN better than -122dB @60dB gain
Microphone Maximum Input Level with 'Pad' IN:+24dB
Max Output:+26dBu into 600 Ohms
Output Impedance:50 Ohms +/- 5% @ 1kHz balanced
Audio Interface:1x XLR Mic/Line input & 1x XLR Line output per channel1x 25-way D-type socket for INSert Inputs and Line Outputs
Control Interface:1x USB data port, 1x RS485 in and 1x RS485 out (both RJ9 sockets) to allow control data
Width:218mm (8.5 inches)
Height:88mm (3 inches) (2U) - not including rubber feet on bottom of unit for use on flat surface/desktop, which are 6mm deep.
Depth:270mm (10.75 inches) excluding front panel controls, front panel 'grab bars' and rear connectors
Weight:5.5kg (12 lbs)
Digital option:Analogue to Digital & Digital to Analogue converter card, capable of sample rates up to 384kHz can be fitted into the 4081 internally.Comes with AES and FireWire digital interfaces.+26dBu Headroom, Distortion better than 0.005% (at 48kHz) and 0.007% (at 96kHz), Noise <-110dB fs (48kHz)
Rack-mount kit:Mounts 1 or 2 4081 units into a 19" rack.

An optional Digital card provides a FireWire/AES interface with four channels of A/D conversion to either AES or FireWire. An insert point is available before the A/D converter on each channel to allow external, analogue Outboard equipment to be switched into the signal path. Four channels of AES-to-analogue or FireWire-to-analogue conversion are also available.

FireWire interface for 4081, with AES conversion

The expansion board is fitted internally to a 4081 unit and has two modes of operation, determined by whether a FireWire connection is detected or not.

Mode 1 - Standalone (no FireWire detected):

The 4 analogue outputs from the 4081 Mic Pre or Insert are mapped to the two stereo AES OUTPUTS. The two stereo AES INPUTS are mapped to the 4 analogue outputs – these are simply an AES to analogue convertor. The 4 analogue outputs are also available on the 25 way d-type on the back of the main 4081 unit.

If no sync input is detected (either Wordclock or AES), then the expansion board runs on internal sync and the sample rate is selected by the UP/DOWN buttons on the front panel.

If a valid sync input is detected, then the sample rate is automatically calculated and indicated on the front panel.

External AES EBU cable lengths are limited to 100M.

Mode 2 – FireWire detected:

Multiple 4081 units can be cascaded onto one FireWire stream, or starred back to the FireWire card. There is currently a limit in the driver of 4 units per FireWire stream. 4 units gives 16 IN and 16 OUT on a single DAW connection if using FireWire, but the available bandwidth allows 16 IN and 16 OUT at 192kHz.

The first unit in the chain becomes the master, and provides the sync to the other 4081 units either via FireWire or Wordclock. Supports ASIO driver – the sample rate is set via the DAW software driver.

A 19" rack-mount kit is also available and can be used to securely mount one or two 4081 units into a 19" rack enclosure.

Manuals, Brochures, Drivers, Software and Firmware: 
Recall/Remote software for Mac OS X 10.5+
Install on a DAW Mac to allow it to connect to a 4081 (connected with USB cable)
DAW audio driver for OS X 10.6 and below
Recall/Remote software for Windows

DAW audio driver for OSX Yosemite 10.10 - 10.10.4


DAW audio driver for OS X 10.7 - 10.9


DAW audio driver

  • Install this software on the Genesys to allow it to recognise an installed firewire card (connected with USB-RJ45 cable)
  • Install on a DAW PC to allow it to connect to a 4081 (connected with USB cable)

Files from the Neve Outboard CD-ROM