Libra Live

Digital Broadcast Console

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Designed for broadcasters, the Libra Live II/G digital broadcast console offers comprehensive facilities for live television, radio and mission critical broadcast production roles. The latest iteration of the celebrated Libra Live series of digital broadcast consoles, the II/G, has evolved to keep pace with broadcast demands and includes new signal processes, operational facilities, I/O systems and resiliency features.

Control Surface

The intuitive, freelance-friendly control surface and high definition TFT meters allow the II/G to offer an easy learning curve for first time users.

AMS Neve have pioneered a new and proprietary technology to drive the high resolution TFT meters in the Libra Live II/G meter bridge – conceived, designed and built especially for the rigorous and demanding broadcast application.

The unique AMS Neve ViewMix™ drive cards control the TFT displays as console meters immediately from power-on. ViewMix™ does not use a microprocessor and does not depend on any operating system – this means that it cannot "crash" and has no boot-up time.

As AMS Neve have complete control over the design and manufacture of the ViewMix™driver card, built from standard components, it is secured against the notoriously short life cycle and rapid obsolescence of PC components.

Each high resolution TFT screen on the Libra Live II/G console has its own dedicated ViewMix™ driver card.

Other consoles that have TFT displays in their consoles use standard PC technology (embedded or other) that take a significant time to boot up – or reboot from power interruption.

  • Intuitive and consistent operation with no hidden traps for operators. 
  • Integrating the full power and flexibility of digital control and digital audio processing within a purpose-designed broadcast production console. 
  • An open system that is expandable, using industry standard interfaces and protocols.
  • Flexible multi-channel surround monitoring.
  • Totally digital architecture.
  • Fast learning curve for new users.
  • Dedicated channel controls where immediate access is required, together with a common central set for those controls where ease of reach and sight makes for a better design. 
  • Fast, Flexible and Patch-free Mix-Minus 
  • 2G offers a dedicated mix-minus IFB system that combines simple, clear operation (touch any output and then any number of unwanted sources for that output) with full metering, monitoring and level control. 
  • On the fly changes may be made at will, with source additions or subtractions only a button push away.