The 90s

1990 – AMS releases Logic 2, its first large format digital console. The first system is supplied to Editel in Chicago. Logic 2 sets the ground rules for fully automated surface design, with many such systems still in use today.

1990 – Nirvana record Nevermind at Sound City on the Vintage 8028 console.

1992 – The AMS and Neve merger brings together digital innovation and legendary sound.

1993 – Abbey Road Studios install the world's first large format digital music console, the Capricorn.

1994 – Logic 3 is launched at NAB and extends the power of the Logic family to smaller studios and preparation rooms. The first consoles are sold to Sports BME and Oasis Television.

1996 – AMS Neve introduces the world's first full scale multi-operator Digital Film Console, the DFC.

1997 – Libra Live is introduced at NAB, specifically for Broadcast operation. MSNBC is the first adopter, with seven such consoles used by a range of international broadcasting companies for the Athens Olympics.

1998 – The soundtrack to the world's most successful film, Titanic is mixed on the Capricorn. The film is the first to have a digitally recorded soundtrack.

1998 – The Red Hot Chili Peppers record Californication on the Neve at the world famous Village Studios.

1999 – Skywalker Sound joins the large number of facilities installing DFC consoles. The much anticipated film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is mixed digitally on the DFC.

1999 – The Matrix is mixed on the DFC at Warner Brothers using 500 channel inputs.