The 70s

1970 – A legend is born. The world’s most famous and desirable mic pre, the 1073, is designed for the Wessex A88 Console.
1973 – Neve releases the 8048 console featuring the 1081 module.

1974 – Neve manufactures the first digital solid state audio routing console for the South African Broadcast Corporation.

1976 – Advanced Music Systems (AMS) is established by aerospace engineers with a passion for sound, its manipulation and control. The DM2-20 Tape Phase Simulator is the first product and is bought by ELO, 10cc and Sir Paul McCartney, who first used it on the London Town album.

1976 – David Bowie records Heroes on the Neve desk at Queen's Mountain Recording Studio. The console is used by a vast number of high profile artists including Led Zeppelin, Iggy Pop and Deep Purple.

1977 – Neve installs the world's first moving fader automation system, Necam (Neve Computer Assisted Mixdown) at London's Air Studios.

1978 – AMS Introduces the world’s first microprocessor controlled digital delay line – full bandwidth, 15-bit. Later, 'loop triggering' is added, launching the sampling revolution. Dual pitch changers and up to 32 seconds of delay/recording complete the picture.